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Private Parties are a fun & rewarding way to celebrate, while literally creating memories! We make the booking process easy, fast & comfortable. Private parties are totally customizable, too! 

Fill out the info below and you'll hear back from us within 24 hours to discuss details & get you booked! It's that simple!

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We've been ranked among the top 10 best paint studios in Maryland & love to enhance all kinds of celebrations by offering an activity that literally creates memories! So, we're glad you found us! 

Pricing info (Cost per Painter):

  • Canvas: $30 (drops to $25 per painter if you end up having a group of at least 10 or more) 

This includes:

  • all materials
  • set up & clean up
  • complete fun, easy, quality instruction
  • & entertainment by our house DJ! (may depend on venue circumstances)

The featured painting can be selected from our online gallery or from our larger gallery selection in the studio. (You DO have the option of choosing the painting upon arrival, but we recommend choosing ahead of time, since we prepare the canvases.) We can send over some recommendations to you, or we can create a painting that is special or unique to your group!

To reserve the date & time of the party, we require a non-refundable $100 deposit upon booking. This is included in the total amount & the remaining balance is due no later than one week before the party. Deposits can be made via square invoice sent by email, or over the phone.